Wisconsin Concealed Carry Class- Random Lake Rod & Gun Club dates coming soon!


Training Guide for Wisconsin Concealed Carry Licence.

The complete Wisconsin Concealed Carry Curriculum form the Department Of Justice. Great to print and refer to with future questions.


Wisconsin Concealed Carry Class at the Random Lake Rod & Gun Club

This class meets and exceed the requirements for your Wisconsin Concealed Carry Permit.

Wisconsin Concealed Carry Class will cover:

  • Personal and Handgun Safety
  • Handgun Fundamentals and Operation
  • Demonstration of loading and unloading a handgun
  • Basic Self-Defense Principles
  • Conflict avoidance and alternatives to deadly force
  • Use of Force / Deadly Force Law
  • Legal Aftermath and instruction on how to properly make a 911 call.
  • Wisconsin Concealed Carry Law / Where you can and cannot carry
  • Practical suggestions for safe legal transport and concealed carry
  • Extensive coverage of concealed carry gear with show & tell of options

Space is limited.

Downloadable content includes:

  • Firearm Safety Course
  • A Training Guide For Concealed Carry Licenses

Location: Random Lake Rod & Gun Club- W3315 Jay Rd, Belgium, WI 53004

Instructor: Starla Batzko


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