Wisconsin Concealed Carry Class
Ronald Reagan the great Equalizer

Ronald Reagan said it best and was the inspiration for my “Equalizer Defense” name.

Training & Certifications

Wisconsin Concealed Carry Class Instructor
A Girl & A Gun
• A Girl & A Gun Sheboygan County, WI Chapter Facilitator
• Certified Trainer
• Range Response Protocol
• Confident Communicator

NRA Certifications
• NRA Basic Pistol Instructor
• NRA Range Safety Officer
• Refuse to Be A Victim Instructor
USCCA Instructor
• Concealed Carry and Home Defense

Active Shooter Preparedness Training
Stop The Bleed Certification

Massad Ayoob Group
• Mag-20 Range Course-Live Fire
• Armed Citizens’ Rules of Engagement
• Mag 40 Graduate
• Kubotan Self Defense Course

David Maglio- Firearms Academy of Wisconsin
• Trigger & Grip Workshop
• Wisconsin Concealed Carry
Chuck Haggard-Agile Training & Consulting
• Pepper Spray
EJ Ownes
• Team Tactics
Brian Quick
• Instructor Development Build Your Grip
Eric Lamberson
• Home Defense Shotgun
Josh Crosby- Texas Combat Systems
• Defensive Pistol
• Defensive Rifle
Lou Ann Hamblin – LouKa Tactical Training
• Building Warrior Women
• One Hand Wonders
Tiffany Johnson -Citizens Safety Academy
• Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor Course
• Defensive Holster
Mike Ox- Dry Fire Cards
• Now You See Me
• Teach Smarter, Learn Faster
John Murphy- Active Response Training
Street Encounters
Mike Hughes- SIRT Training Inventor
Teaching Fundamentals
John Farnam-Defensive Training International
Principles of Effective Instructing
John Correia-Active Self Protection
3 Modes of Practice
Nick Young- Velox Training Group
Target Transitions

Sam Lena- Milwaukee Police Department