Wisconsin Concealed Carry Class- Hartford at Horizon Outfitters on Feb 7 from 5 :45-8:45 PM


Training Guide for Wisconsin Concealed Carry Licence.

The complete Wisconsin Concealed Carry Curriculum form the Department Of Justice. Great to print and refer to with future questions.

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Wisconsin Concealed Carry Class- Horizon Outfitters in Hartford, Wi on Tues., Feb 7 from 5:45-8:45 PM

Wisconsin Concealed Carry Class will cover:

  • Personal and Handgun Safety
  • Handgun Fundamentals and Operation
  • Demonstration of loading and unloading a handgun
  • Basic Self-Defense Principles
  • Conflict avoidance and alternatives to deadly force
  • Use of Force / Deadly Force Law
  • Legal Aftermath and instruction on how to properly make a 911 call.
  • Wisconsin Concealed Carry Law / Where you can and cannot carry
  • Practical suggestions for safe legal transport and concealed carry
  • Extensive coverage of concealed carry gear with show & tell of options

Space is limited.

Downloadable content includes:

  • Firearm Safety Course
  • A Training Guide For Concealed Carry Licenses

Location: Horizon Outfitters 15 N. Main St, Hartford, WI 53207

Instructor: Starla Batzko


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